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My Child's First Dental Visit

By setting your child up with dental care early in life, you will give your child the opportunity of lifetime of healthy dental behaviors. Your first visit to The Smile Spot is very important because it is paramont in creating a long term positive impression for both you and your child of what the dentist is like. The dentist can be a fun and positive experience for everyone! The question now becomes, when do I start? We recommend at the appearance of your child's first tooth, or by the 1st birthday.

The first visit will be a quick and conveinient way to start your child's healthy dental experience. On this visit you will receive important information about your child's oral health that includes:

  • A take home plan including information about flossing, brushing, proper nutrition, and the importance of fluorides.

  • Information about Early Child Caries (may be attributed to misuse of sippy cups or improper nursing habits) and a caries risk evaluation for your child.

  • What you, as a parent can do to avoid harm to your child's teeth and mouth area.

  • What you need to know about preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth.

  • Details on pacifier, finger,and thumb routines and how these affect your child.


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